Our world is built on helping you.

"Awesome!!! One of the best presentations I’ve ever attended. So genuine and engaging. Thoroughly enjoyed it and left with memorable take-aways! Brilliant!"

"“You are so capturing. Your stories put everything into perspective and that made it so helpful. You are amazing. Thank you.”

“Thank you for your passion and strength! That was really inspiring, funny and powerful!”

Our world is built on helping you.

"Awesome!!! One of the best presentations I’ve ever attended. So genuine and engaging. Thoroughly enjoyed it and left with memorable take-aways! Brilliant!"

"“You are so capturing. Your stories put everything into perspective and that made it so helpful. You are amazing. Thank you.”

“Thank you for your passion and strength! That was really inspiring, funny and powerful!”

Feedback about Potes

Below is all the feedback we have gathered from the 1000's of lives we have changed.

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“Well done and thank you for last night! Sue, your stories were so extraordinary! I believe that those in the audience will remember you and your message a decade from now, similar to Peta’s memories from her first WiRe event. I myself, just this morning, at my 6:30am personal training session had to repeat to myself, “at least I’m not giving birth in a tree!”

“On behalf of WiRe we wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you for speaking with our members at Lido on October 29, 2019, on the topic of, “four simple steps to maximise your potential.” We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the event and that was 100% because of you! It was powerful and motivational. Thank you.”

“Just to let you know that Sue gave an excellent thought provoking talk. I wish someone had said that to me at 18! Thank you for recommending her to us.”

“I absolutely loved your presentation in Bermuda a few months ago! Hope to meet again soon.”

“The talk we had will stay with me forever and I hope you have some understanding of how much your words meant to me and how much I needed to hear them at this time”

“I remember you daily when I do my checks to see how my my Depress/Oppress is doing in the relation to my Impress/Express, this is something I have taken home and given to my children to work with as well. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.”

“Sue changes your life. She makes you see things in your life so simply and clearly. She is like a heart surgeon who unblocks all the arteries.”

“I was at Masterworks this evening and saw your very imaginative painting of our island – animated as if it was alive. Really quite remarkable.”

“I just wanted to say what a great talk you did this morning, it was so well done and gave me some great tips/ideas; you spoke so well and had great use of props! I really enjoyed it.”

“It was fabulous Sue”

“Thank you so much for inviting me to your presentation today, you were amazing and gave me insight and inspiration at the same time.”

“LOVED your talk – you are a natural and you made it so interesting and fun.  Just wanted you to know that!”

“You are a genius! That was brilliant – well done you. I feel soooooooooooo inspired.”

“It was just fabulous!  It was brilliant and I want my staff to hear the same


“You were brilliant, or should I say super IMPRESSive! I really want to figure out how to get you to present to our Bermuda team.”

“I heard your talk was awesome yesterday. Of course, I knew it would be!”

“Your delivery was faultless; body language, tone and timing all spot on.  You made us laugh, you made us cry and you made us really think.  I looked at peoples reactions around the room and there were smiles and nods of agreement.  Sue Couper should be bottled up and sold!  I loved the story where you were asked ‘how long did it take you’ and your replied. ’44 years’.  It just captured everything for me and I became overwhelmed with emotion because you’re just such an inspiration for constantly jumping outside of your comfort zone.  Anyway, well done a 100 times over.  I’m more than impressed.”

“Thank you again for a very inspiring talk this morning – you are a natural!!!”

“Yes it really was awesome…awesome!…so where to now?”

“This was inspiring! It was helpful because it made me want to be and do more!”

“Your life experience has helped me to look at things more positively and gave me a better outlook on life”

“I thought she was very sincere and brutally honest about her own experiences which was engaging, because it felt authentic.”

“Really enjoyed your talk. Glad we got to hear it.”

“…this is “exactly” one of your demos last week!! Love it!”

“I loved it and would enjoy seeing the whole presentation next time”

“The session was insightful. I enjoyed how Ms. Couper shared her personal experiences and the four presses in a fun but impactful workshop.”

“Thank you for sharing! A nudge (pote) for me to always look for the silver lining in all interactions and challenges. Much appreciated.”

“This was useful because it was thought-provoking and entertaining. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.”

“Thank you for sharing your stories and engaging with us. You had the ability to connect with your audience. I will spend more days like this.”

“Sue delivered a very important message to our Year 10 students incorporating aspects relating to them managing their wellbeing & mental health, building resilience, showing empathy for others and presenting the very best version of themselves. Her interactive session was very well received by the audience, which included parents, and we hope to have her back.”

“I really enjoyed the session!  Although we may already know that it’s important keep a positive mindset (our capacity) no matter what we’re faced with each day, this was a great reminder that we’re mentality in control of how we approach/receive life’s many experiences.  As we move into our busy renewal season, I will make every effort to lean on the techniques Sue presented – especially the clear communication segment.”

“You are so capturing. Your stories put everything into perspective and that made it so helpful. You are amazing. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much! I truly enjoyed the entire evening. You are captivating. I am going to shed some pizza and push up my bar!”

“Thank you for a very inspiring evening. Sue, you were so genuine and funny, vulnerable, reminding the wonderful women in the room about their true capacity. Thank you!”

“Thanks, Sue. Great to hear all your stories and learn from your amazing experiences. Thank you.”

“This was very helpful to hear Sue’s stories of when she’s tapped into “full capacity” and overcome pizza creep….to also hear from the other at my table. Everyone has pizza creep…yet look at all the amazing things that get done. Thanks, Sue.”

“Sue – you are a fantastic motivational speaker, and I appreciate you sharing your stories with us. Whilst horrifying, it opened the group up to a stimulating and thoughtful discussion, and it has left us all better equipped to deal with challenging situations. Looking forward to the book!”

“Excellent talk Sue… I really enjoyed it – and your energy – which made it so captivating”

“Wonderful presentation! I want to be more like Sue. I love the visual “press” chart, especially the daily check-in. My boss has been telling me to get out of my own head and I think this clarifies his statement with the pizza image!”

“Thank you – as a new mum (second time around) I suffer massively from lack of capacity aka Pizza head….imposter syndrome / self doubt / lack of self wroth….I’m not good enough as Mum / Underwriter / colleague, thank you for helping me believe”

“Thank you for all your words of wisdom; for sharing your stories; helping women stay in the industry! You shared so many important values – don’t focus on the negative. A few snapshots: support each other, know what to do; need to do it; put yourself out there; be proactive…not just reactive (raise your hand) Paint the picture”

“I loved tonight because despite knowing you for years I learned so much about you I never knew. I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface and need so much more time.”

“This was so helpful because it taught me the only limit is what I set for myself.”

“This session was useful because I discovered how to help myself when I find situations difficult. Honestly, loved your talk so much and learnt so much.”

“This was helpful because not only did you make this realistic but also so inspirational and empowering.”

“Very engaging and funny.”

“Changed my mindset to a more positive way of thinking and made me stop making excuses for myself when I shouldn’t. Thank you!!!”

“This was so helpful because you have inspired me so much on changing my mindset and attitude”

“I think this session has really inspired me to be the best version of myself despite the bad days and to love everyone no matter what they do or believe in. Thank you!” X.

“This was helpful because it has hyperbolized how being a thoughtful and innovative person really can benefit one’s future life and career.”

“Loved how honest you were – properly useful and no-nonsense. Thanks for being true and brave.”

“It has inspired me to go above and beyond what I think I have to do.”

“This session was extremely useful and interesting because it was active and informative. I have taken a lot from this session. Thank you”

“This was helpful because I have learnt to change my attitude and have an open mind and that has a knock-on effect to open up more opportunities Thank you the talk was amazing!!”

“This session was very useful because you were very honest and down to earth. Thank you”

“I liked this session because it put a lot into perspective and made me realise how easy it is to be nice.”

“I liked this session because it did not just tell us solutions to our problems but it also showed us that they work.”

“This session was useful because I learnt that I can’t actually tell what people are thinking about me because they are probably thinking about something else. I’m also now inspired to push through difficult times.”

“This was useful because it taught me to be confident and to always try new things and not to wait for someone to tell me what to do! Thank you xoxo found your stories very interesting!”

“This session is useful. It told me how to care about other people and love them more than they love me. And ignoring the cuckoos are useful.”

“This was useful because I have struggled with self-esteem and anxiety and this helped me realise it doesn’t matter in the bigger picture.”

“Gave me the inspiration to do well and believe in myself.”

“This session was useful because it got me thinking that all the useless comments don’t mean anything. It was so moving and interesting. THANK YOU!”

“I liked this session because it taught me not to doubt myself.”

“This session was useful because it was inspiring about how to deal when others ‘hate on you’. Also, very personal and connecting!!”

“This session was useful because it opened my eyes to the opportunities you should take up even if your brain is occupied by negative thoughts.”

“This session taught me that you don’t need to worry about anyone else’s opinions, focus on your own life and be kind Thank you.”

“This session was useful because she made me realise simple things and was honest and vulnerable with us.”

“This session was useful because the real stories helped as metaphors which helps it last longer.”

“Sorry for the delay in expressing my thanks to you for the talk on Dec. 27.  We enjoyed it and you are a very entertaining speaker as I knew you would be. Also, loved the Gombey picture. Keep at it!”

“I liked this session because it was very interesting, relatable and useful. Thank you so much!!!”

“I liked this session because it helped me look at situations and action through different perspectives.”

“It made me aware of other people’s trouble and learnt about experiences.”

“This session was useful because I have now opened up my mind to not let other people’s comments bother me.”

“This session is helpful because it reminds me of a lot of things. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.”

“This session was useful because Sue opened up to us and showed me how to get back up once I’ve been knocked down.”

“This session was helpful because it gave me a sense of perspective, from the way others view you, to living in general; amazing” x

“This session was useful because it was really motivational.”

“This session was useful because it was really thought-provoking.”

“This session was useful because I learnt not to give up or doubt myself.”

“This was useful because it helped give some perspective for when things aren’t great. Interesting. Thank you!”

“I liked this session because it was informative.”

“This was so heart-warming, just what I needed to hear – thank you so much.”

“This session was useful because it made me realise the areas in which I need to improve.”

“I liked this session because it made me realise to sometimes have perspective on situations as I am really quite lucky compared to some.”

“This session was useful because learning from personal experience is one of the best ways to learn. The way you expressed your emotions made it better and easier to relate to.”

“This was helpful because it put things in a realistic perspective.”

“Thank you so much, this is helpful so I know I can do anything I set my mind to!”

“This was helpful because it was inspiring!”

“This was helpful because you’re very motivational and sweet!”

“This has helped me because it made me think about things differently – thank you.”

“This was helpful because it motivated me and inspired me to work harder and go the extra mile.”

“This was helpful because it was inspiring to hear your stories as you teach us how to think more positively.”

“This was helpful because it was inspiring and has given me a more proactive mindset.”

“This was helpful because I feel very motivated to do all the extra little jobs! And live in the moment”

“This was helpful because you helped me to see the positive in everything and to think positively even in a bad situation and keep ongoing.”

“This was helpful because it allowed me to find ways to do better and become more proactive. Thanks for the talk.”

“This is helpful, thank you.”

“This was helpful because it opened my eyes!”

“This was really helpful because it was motivational and inspirational, and I thought it was really amazing that she shared personal experiences.”

“Very motivational and gave me confidence.”

“Teaches you that you can do anything! Motivational.”

“This was helpful because I learnt a lot about life struggles and pushing through to be the best person, I can be for myself and others.

“This made me re-evaluate the way in which I think in a positive way.”

“This was helpful because she was very relatable.”

“This was helpful because it motivated me to always do that little bit extra. I know that I can do whatever I need to and the stories helped to see what’s possible. Thank you!”

“This was helpful because it changed my outlook on situations when they seem tough. I particularly like love others a bit more than they are willing to love.”

“You were very interactive and engaging. PS hope your husband is well.”

“This was helpful because I realised my attitude could improve and I can always do better. MAKE TIME (the football statistic).”

“This was helpful because it cheered me up.”

“This was useful because I could picture what she was talking about as a visual learner and from real experiences, very good how she was so into it, very inspirational.”

“This was helpful because it made me think about the importance of not only self-awareness but of others around you.”

“This was helpful because you showed me how to help myself get more opportunities by carrying an ‘open tray’.”

“This is helpful because you have taught me how to turn negative moments into positive.”

“This was helpful because ‘you are so much better than me’ haha.”

“This was helpful because it has made me more open-minded to things and made my attitude better.”

“I thought it was very helpful. I had so much fun and I wish we could do it termly!! This has really inspired me to think more about others and how to stay calm in any situation!! I really thank Sue for doing this!!”

“This session really helped me understand that it is you that needs to change the situation and don’t think about how you look or how you smell, you focus on the situation. This session made me shine on my best side and really made my day. And your stories really helped me. If you had a bad day at least you are not giving birth on the tree.” 

“I loved it and found it really fun and helpful. Thank you so much! I love the concept and meaning of everything we did and it made me think of things differently”

“I learnt so many things in this session as I hope everyone did. I was engaged for the whole 3 hours and would love to listen again. It is all such an inspiring story that should really get shared in as many locations as possible. This will make me think twice about the actions I take.”

“I found it useful and interesting. I found this lesson helpful and it was fun to see how life can be. I learnt that there are different ways of thinking and different people think in other ways. Your stories were also interesting to hear. Thank you.”

“I found this session very helpful and enlightening in the way it was laid out. It made me think of what could happen if I tried new things or was kinder. Thank you.”

“I thought this session was very productive and useful for me. If the posters are up around the school, it will help a lot of people.”

“Dear Sueeeeeee!, I was so so inspired by the very beginning all through to the end. When I walked in I thought I’d be extremely BORED. Then, I was so surprised because u grasped my attention, I’m so inspired by everything u have been through and I’m so sorry that you had to. I’m so inspired by you and how strong you are it is UNREAL! I lost my brother this month last year and I thought I’d NEVER be able to get through it. But I did. I’m still sad and all but oh my days! You’ve changed my whole perspective on life forever! I’m so shocked. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed it. BEST WISHES”

“This session made me realise I way too often focus on the unimportant things in life and have my priorities all wrong. It made wonder about what I can learn (and teach) from my experiences and especially mistakes, and to just GO FOR IT.”

“This session was very helpful and was very fun. I would love to have more talks, to know more about how to have the right mindset. Thank you.”

“I found this session really interesting and useful. I feel I now know how to cope in certain situations better. A lot of your problems can be solved through a simple change in mindsets.”

“You are really inspirational – can’t believe what you have been through and you are here now with a smile on your face. I think so many people would benefit from you talking to them – you have inspired me to have lots more self-confidence.”

“This session was really useful and I very much enjoyed it. You are an inspiration! You have made me feel much more confident about myself. I loved the way you expressed your feelings and life-changing stories!”

“The session was very interesting and useful, and I think your tactics can help me in the future. Thank you!”

“I think that this session was really good and inspiring. Thank you.”

“Really inspiring! I would take this advice/talk in the future you are a very good influence! Thank you

“I loved this talk as I could relate to some things that you spoke about. I learnt that if there are some bad things that happen to you in life, they help you later on, and help you learn from your mistakes. I also learnt that you need to get rid of your worries to make space for ‘self-esteem’ to show other people what you have, and your talents.”

“I learn what small things change your life forever. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.”

“WOW! Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us and challenging how we look upon our world. This will change us! Thank you!:)”

“This session was very useful and inspirational. I think I can use these skills in the future to overcome many things. Also, you have boosted my self-confidence.”

“I enjoyed today. I learned a lot and I loved the stories. I would really like more sessions! And will be looking forward to recognizing the things on the posters.”

“First I thought this session was going to be boring but now I feel like I learn a lot today about even when people want to push you down to the ground but you can still stand up and be positive.”

“I really enjoyed the session, especially the play. I really would love to have more sessions. This session really helped me to understand the strength of women. I like all the stories you told us.”

“I really enjoyed it and found it useful. I would like more sessions like it, it was fun and useful. I learnt to never give up even if it’s hard”

“I think it was really fun and I would really like more sessions. Thank you so, so much for this AMAZING session. It was really fun.”

“I’ve learnt that you should never doubt yourself an always tell someone your worries. I would like more sessions, they’re so fun. I enjoyed Mrs Couper’s talk very much.”

“I thought this session was really inspiring. I was in awe of Sue Couper, having been through so much. It genuinely made my day, and I spent the day complimenting people and smiling and being nice. I keep thinking ‘I’m not stuck up a tree giving birth’ and it has really helped.”

“I think that Sue has shown that nothing can stop you in life and you can’t just give up and you have to try.”

“I learnt that life cant be the way you want so you make life the way you want it.”

“I think this session was very eye-opening. I’ve learnt a lot about how when I’m low I can always get back up, and to take my negatives and make them positive.”

“Thank you! The stories were really inspiring”

“You know, I used to pass you in the Junior school and think ‘oh she looks like she has an interesting story’! and boy was I right! Your stories inspire me to get better and YOU are the most inspiring bit. You’ve reminded me that I’m so lucky to be here! This workshop was amazing and I was with you @ every moment. xx P.S Thank You”

“After this talk, I know that I am so beloved. Although my life wasn’t really happy and smooth I already like it and will try to be optimistic Thank you for inspiring me and I will be happy to continue my life we are stronger than things are terrible and better not bitter.”

“This session was very helpful and enjoyable. I would love to have more sessions.”

“More sessions please, I really loved it.”

“I loved it, and it really reminded and taught me a lot. And it made me think about many things. Hearing your story really inspired me to go above and beyond in everyday life.”

“I really enjoyed this session. I think that the things that have been said in this session can be very useful and helpful to me going through my everyday life. It made e think about the more positive aspects of life and that life isn’t that terrible just because things aren’t going the way I want them to.”

“I thought this session was interesting because I learnt new stuff that I thought was very helpful.”

“The session was really good and I’d like to have more. It was really helpful, not only to hear that there are worse situations than maths prep, and it was nice to step out of everything for an afternoon.”

“I really enjoyed this morning. I have learnt a lot. I enjoyed hearing about Sue’s stories and learning about the poster!”

“I really enjoyed this session because it inspired me to be better because I have learned that there are much tougher situations that are happening to people just like me in the world, so if they can ‘press’ their way through, then I definitely can with easier situations. I learnt a lot of other really meaningful things, but this one spoke to me the most. Thank you.”

“It was really inspiring. Because sometimes I really think I’m not as good as somebody, and I just feel useless and bad at everything. But now I learned that these things don’t really matter, the important thing is who I am and my own self. Thank you!

“I thought it was really interesting and taught me a lot (I’d love 2 have more)“

“I enjoyed it because it was like a like experience and it told me when you are having bad days you should try and convince your mind.”

“I think it was a very good lesson on it doesn’t matter what other people think. This was very fun. Thank you!”

“I absolutely loved this talk and made me realise I am not the only one struggling. It was interesting and fun and has motivated me to do more and be passionate. Thank you for this talk.”

“I think it was amazing and really really inspiring really. I hope we can all follow your advice and be as confident and as amazing as you are really, I’m really impress. The injured give” ☺☺

“I wasn’t having a great day today but I thought that you were really amazing and cheered me up!”

“I enjoyed this. I learnt lots and it was really fun.” 

“After this lesson, I have learnt that you will be stronger when you are in danger, you will surpass yourself.”

“Really helpful, authentic, such an inspiring life story.”

“This was very fun and interesting showing a different perspective on things. I would definitely like to have more sessions. It was good to have a different insight into daily things.” 

“I really liked this session. It would be nice to have more. I have learned and realised a lot about life and it was very helpful. I enjoyed the stories!”

“I found the workshop engaging. It really surpassed my expectations and I have definitely learnt something”

“I found this session very useful because it has given me lots of good ideas (and made me laugh) to get rid of the voices inside my head.”

“I thought this session was really helpful because I have learnt new things that I never knew.” 

“I thought it was interesting…”

“This session was very useful and interesting and now I know how to be less stressed and rethink.”

“This session was fun and I enjoyed the play but if we had spent less time on the play then maybe we could of heard more about your scary stories.”

“I thought the session was helpful in how I can see you used your whole life to teach resilience and well being.”

“This session is incredibly interesting and enlightening. I learned a lot about human behaviour and perseverance. I feel that it should be made weekly.”

“This session was really good and I’m glad we had it because I feel like it’ll help me in life… THANK YOU xxx”

“This session was interesting and really made me more aware/ how to be a better person. I would enjoy doing more of these in the future. Thank you!”

“This session was very nice and enjoyable and enlightening. Ms Couper has been lovely for sharing her experiences”

“I liked it very much because the photos/pictures are really relatable and well thought”

“I think this session helped me to understand how my mind works”

“I loved it 100%. It was absolutely AMAZING!!!! I would love to have more sessions. I definitely learnt a lot from it. Especially that life is unfair.”

“I liked the thought that every little problem is expressed with a picture”

“Useful and fun. We are stronger than things are terrible”

“Success comes from failure”

“I liked this session a lot”

“I liked the talk very much and learned a few lessons that may ‘help in life’. If I had the choice I would choose to do it again.”

“Thank you”

“Thought it was inspiring and helpful without being too formal” 

“I had liked this time because it was calm and the stories that you told was very good.”

“This session was really interesting but a bit too long (loved all the stories that connect with the picture)”

“I loved this session. I would really enjoy more sessions. It made me think about experiences and how I will keep my head with full capacity. Thank you very much”

“Honestly, before coming, I thought this session would be boring and useless, but now I am so glad I had a chance to come here and learn and think about stuff I normally don’t. Also, I admire and look up to you. You are so strong and I hope you become more successful. Thank you so much.”

“It was very interesting and I loved it. All of the stories were scary but cool. Thank you. Please come back again.”

“Dear Bestie, I really enjoyed your session today. I learnt and understood so much today and thank you for sharing such personal things with us so that we can learn and understand new aspects of life. At the beginning I wasn’t so sure about it but as we went on I appreciated everything you said. I have much respect for you, you go on and be the best. Thanks and best wishes, xxx”

“I really enjoyed the session and the stories. The pictures really helped make it interesting.”

“I think it was useful and I really liked it”

“I really liked it! I loved all the stories Mrs Couper told us! I gained/learned that whatever you have to do and you think you cant do it she showed us that you can do it. I would definitely have more lessons and do more things.”

“I enjoy this activity because I learn lots of new things.”

“I really liked this session and it was really useful. It was very interesting and I enjoyed listening.”

I want to be an architect. I think you did great. I like the fact you solved most of your problems quite quickly. Sorry for all your physical and emotional pain. THANK YOU! You made me laugh in the middle of a bad day. Hope you have a great day.”

“This session was very enjoyable, I have learnt a lot about understanding mine and other peoples emotions and how to help. I hope that we will be able to come/go to another one of Sue’s sessions. Thank you very much!”

“I really enjoyed the session, it was very fun and interactive and I learnt a lot about how a bad day isn’t as bad as giving birth out of a tree.”

“Interesting. Helpful. Fun”

“I really liked listening to the experiences since it brought me into all the points, and I am not going to stress anymore.”

“I like the personal experience and it made me think my situation isn’t that bad. It is really useful, and I really appreciate it. Thank you very much.”

“Thank you for the session it was really interesting”

“I really enjoyed this lesson because it was very interesting with all your stories and helpful, thank you”

“I really liked this session. I felt bad for you when you fell (ski accident) It was very helpful and inspirational. I would definitely like more sessions! And…you look nice today

“I really enjoyed listening about your life and hearing about your strength and how you handled situations. That really inspired me. Loved it.”

“I found this session helpful and interesting!”

“I hope I can gain more confidence during my academic studies and find one or two that I am very interested to do for my future.”

“I really liked this session, especially the stories, they were really entertaining and it id hard to believe that anyone actually survived this Good luck in your future and your career. I am sure that you can do anything with the talents you have – Thank you.”

“I think that the pictures and the stories were intriguing and fun to listen to.”

“I liked this session”

“I really enjoyed it. It was very useful. I would love more lesson and I think lots of other children would love it too!!”

“I thought this session was very helpful and will help me a lot. Thank you!”

“I think that it was helpful I liked your stories”

“I found this session helpful and interesting”

“I found this session very interesting and helpful and it made me think more”

“I liked this session because it was fun and interesting as well as teaching me things. I think the session was quite long though so I lost concentration. Thanks.”

“Sue, I loved your session and I think you should definitely do it again. I was really inspired and I think it was a great idea. x”

“I really enjoyed the talk and I would love to do another one. I think what you talked about was very important.” 

“I loved the session a lot. I think it made you think more before you speak. I would love more sessions like this, it was amazing.”

“I really enjoy hearing all your stories and your personal experiences. It really helps me boost up my mood and realised there are much worse things.”

“Thank you. The stories are very inspiring. The 4 presses can be very deep and taught me many things. I was particularly interested in the man with the chicken. It also brought me to think that humans are different from animals and really all we do is consume, food, sleep and do not give much back. Thank you for giving valuable info.”

“I thought this session was fun and productive. It helped to compare the times when there was 0% of faith.”

“I thought it was very engaging and interesting which was good. The ideas were encouraging.” 

“I found this session useful for us to think about block the bad point we think of ourselves away. I would like more.”

“It was interesting to hear about her real-life experiences in work and in life. She has done a lot!”

“Loved the talk. I’d love to do a workshop on those topics that are super interesting and helps you build on yourself and especially when healing and rebuilding yourself and wanting to be a better person. Lots of love xx”

“I was in a terrible mood but after listening to your experiences I feel better.”

“I really liked to listen to the near-death experiences.”

“I thought it was very motivational and helpful in having a positive outlook on life.”

“It made me realise how people like her can have some experiences, bad experiences, but how to bring everything up and never give up. It made me think about myself and how should I look at my window every day.”

“I like to listen to the stories and experience and I’m so happy to learn about it.”

“I enjoyed it. I think it was useful. I would like more lessons. I learned about how to deal with depressing thoughts.”

“I really liked this session. It taught me many things through life and your life really inspired me, especially how you came through all these hardships.”

“I really liked it because it was really fun and it was also very useful because I felt like we could all share anything that was worrying me and it was also a very nice environment.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this session and would very much like to have more of them.”

“I liked everything except the play, not because it was a bad play but because I’m awkward and can’t act. I realised that quite a lot of people can be self-deprecating other than me, and I would like more sessions because it was useful to know all that.”

“I liked hearing your stories. I think there should be more of these sessions.”

“I loved it, it was very useful and I would love to have more sessions on wellbeing.”

“The session was really fun. I really liked this session. It taught me a lot of things and made me think a lot more about myself, and the stories are really interesting. This session made me realise a lot of things about myself. Thank you for this session

“I really liked this session. I would like to have more sessions and I found it very useful. x”

“It was really inspiring to hear what has happened in her life and helpful to hear about ways to get out of depression. I would enjoy more talks”

“(This feedback was a drawing of a smiling girl’s face with a bubble in her brain saying good thoughts)”

“I think it has helped to show that we are who we are and I would love to hear more.”

“I really enjoyed this session because it was extremely fun and it was very helpful. I also like the ways you brought across the messages. The stories were very interesting as well.”

“I really liked it and it was a fun way to learn and I found it very useful. I found out there were different aspects to me that others noticed that I didn’t. I learnt we all have that voice in our head. I loved doing the play.” 

“I think this session was really fun because I liked acting out the play and being a door!” 

“I think it was really fun and useful because it’s really inspiring.”

“I really enjoyed this session and it really helped me to understand a lot of things. I would definitely like more of these sessions and I loved hearing about near-death experiences.”

“I liked the small group sizes, it worked really well. Also liked the picture and all the messages it holds. The ‘classes’ were very useful and changed my opinion about things.”

“I liked it your stories are very interesting and inspiring. Thank you a lot for coming in and give us the lessons”

“I liked that we learnt lots of things that we would never have learnt in a lesson (life lessons) and would love more sessions.”

“I liked hearing about Sue’s personal experiences and how she overcame any difficult situations she has been in.”

“I found Sue very inspiring; how she told us life stories that would make other people give up and how Sue has developed from those stories. I would love to carry on having sessions because every time I come out I have felt inspired to change opinions.”

“Everyone should have some of these sessions and it is something that I will never forget.”

“It’s pretty good for year 10 to have these lessons.”

“I liked the practical things like with the stones and the oranges.”

“I really loved listening to Sue’s stories. They were really interesting and I learnt a lot from them.”

“I think that Sue was very useful, all her stories and past events were very inspiring and I would love to have another session.”

“I think that Sue has opened my eyes about the world and I am going to go out into the world and achieve more. I would definitely like to carry the sessions on.”

“I found these sessions very useful and interesting. I would like to do something similar maybe for assembly or something. I think the tree illustration is a good idea.”

“I found these sessions really useful as every week they made you think about something different, that originally you would never have considered.”

“I found the sessions interesting and I would definitely want to have more.”

“I really liked these sessions, they made me remember important things and look at situations in a different way. I could go to these as many times and enjoy it a lot. Thank you

“I liked 4 Press as it was very inspirational and insightful. From this I have learnt to look on the brighter side of things.”

“I loved hearing all of your stories!”

“I found it really useful to learn about how to manage my life and I would love to have many more sessions like this because its really important for everyone to know.  I really loved hearing Sue’s stories and just having someone teach us and listen.”

“I want more. This was eye-opening because it made me realise what really matters”

“This was something different that I have never tried before. I really enjoyed it. It has taught me a different way of looking at things especially time management.”

“I want more sessions. This was really fun and inspiring because I learnt to always think positively and never give up.”

“This was very useful because it has allowed me to view my life from a different perspective.”

“It’s amazing because it has given a different and helpful perspective”

“FAB.  This was helpful and interesting and amazing cause I’ve learned how to cope with myself on bad days”

“More sessions! This was really motivating because it helped me realise my potential and how to achieve goals (and the stories were great) thank you

“This was very fun and interesting because I felt like I learnt more about myself every session and it made me realise and think about many things I’ve never thought about before.

“Relaxing and inspirational. Interesting because you talk about the stuff that actually go on in life everyday. You stop thinking about other stuff around you in this session.”

“It was great because it taught us not to give up and always be positive”

“It was amazing!! I was thoroughly engaged and completed inspired by Sue! She’s amazing and hilarious! I also love the oranges rocks and poster!

“It made me think”

“I learnt how to manage my emotions in a positive way.”

“It was really interesting to learn how top be enthusiastic and happy everyday and be successful. Sue was really nice and caring.”

“I learnt how not to waste time”

“This session is about positive thinking and look at life in a different perspective.”

“It was very helpful for me. I was so stressed and worried about my problems, but you gave me the idea that the ‘chicken will not jump into your mouth, while you don’t decide to act.’ Thank you

“I liked the sessions. It helps me a lot and it made me think about it.”

“It was amazing useful”

“I really enjoyed the sessions because this taught me a lot: that I am in control of what I do, I shouldn’t let others affect the wellbeing of myself, etc. I learn a lot from your experiences and I see things in a different light now. Thank you!”

“The 4 press was really cool, how the rock symbolizes your power and you should fill the jug with the rocks otherwise they won’t fit later. They represent moral betterment. I really enjoyed

“It was really really amazing because it made me recognise some things that happen in life.”

“It was really good because these sessions helped know what I was feeling and how to go about it.”

“Loved the stories, motivates me to do more with my life, made me realise my potential”

“They were motivating sessions that made sense”

“I think these sessions really made me think and encouraged me to take the initiative to change my life for the better.”

“It was very good to hear about Sue Coupers stories. They are very informative as to what the real world is like. Very memorable too.”

“I would do more either in smaller groups or separate sessions to get advice/techniques that is more specific to me. LOVED IT THOUGH! Gave me more insight and cant wait for the book.”

“The session was very helpful, exactly what was said, I’ve been inspired by people I look up to who’ve said that to me who’ve told me that’s how they define success. Thank you for the motivation and encouragement”

“Inspirational – last session was the most useful; thinking outside the box”

“I think this course gives me another point of view to look at my life.”

“The sessions have been quite interesting in the way they offer a new perspective on how we deal with life and its problems”

“I think that the sessions were very helpful and important. Thank you for your time.”

“I think this last session was the most useful. The talk about re-evaluating your priorities is good for people I think – very relatable”

“Learning about confidence”

“Its very helpful”

“It was very insightful ad created a deeper depth into understanding the 4 press window”

“I like the rock and the in-tray idea. The pictures are nice

“These 5 sessions let me start to think about things that may seem obvious but we won’t do it until somebody else points out. It can be due to the effort or laziness, the sessions let me think a lot more clearly about the type of person I am.”

“Got me to think about myself as a person and how everyone faces challenges in life but that I also know how to keep going. Thank you for the rock – it’s a very nice reminder/de-stress tool – hope everything works out well for you”

“It’s good to take a break and to talk about life. I’m grateful that I could have the chance to discuss different situations if life and how to deal with it.”

“Makes me think deeper about my future plan and how to spend my time. Very inspiring. Getting some idea of managing myself. Positive thinking.”

“I really like your idea on Time management and how you present it by using stones, sand and water.  I understand the importance of prioritising tasks.”

“My favourite part of the 4 Press is Express because it reminds me that even though life seems to be packed full of stuff to do, it is all down to whether I can squeeze time in.”

“Interesting to see the pictures showing ‘4 Press’. Actually I thought of these statements before the course but not in structure.”

“The advice you gave us was invaluable and I especially loved the use of your life ‘timeline’. The guidance that you gave us is already proving to be useful to me and we all found your use of props and anecdotes to be ingenious. I hope very much that you will come and talk to us again soon.”

“I really enjoyed the sessions – It really made me stop for a moment and re think my attitude towards life. Thank you very much!

“I learnt about how to deal with different situations with a positive attitude.”

“Overall, I’m sure I speak for all the Lower Sixth when I say that we had a truly inspiring time and learned a great deal of information which will be invaluable to us throughout our lives.”

“These 4 sessions have been good because it has reminded me that my time management would be much better if I stop avoiding doing tasks.”

“I really like the rocks etc in the jar analogy and in-tray method for priorities/how to do new things/favourite things.”

“It’s a good course for learning the 4 Press methods. I learned how to deal with my stress.”

“It was very nice to meet you on Wednesday and I wanted to thank you for your inspirational talk to the girls. It was obvious that many of them ‘got it’ which is excellent and those that didn’t – one day they will and they will remember it!”

“I just wanted to thank you once again for coming to our school yesterday and taking the time to talk to our girls about the valuable life lessons you have learnt. I am teaching my Year 11s this morning and they have been full of praise. I know from talking to a few of the Sixth formers yesterday that they really ‘got’ your message. It is so wonderful when people such as yourself can introduce new ways of thinking. Your message for girls in our world is very timely and I know it will chime with anyone who hears you.”

“I enjoyed the sessions because they made me realise that you can to a certain extent choose how your day makes you feel and you can then choose what to do about it. It has also made me think about how I respond to events/other people’s actions and how I let or do not let them influence me (I would be interested in exploring this further).”

“It’s very useful as I’ve learnt to be more confident and manage time better.”

“It was interesting hearing your stories.”

“Maybe do those that interest you first is after all correct. Thank you Mrs Couper, these are all very inspiring. Sometimes, people just magnify all of their feelings, so that what is actually a small thing becomes much more alarming.”

“It was great because it reminded me I have a choice, and it encouraged me to not let things get me down.”

“Wow she is my new hero. Thank you for pointing me in her direction – I’ve read some of the blogs this evening instead of doing emails!”

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your session with Year 12 yesterday afternoon. They got so much out of it – I was with a tutor grip this morning and they were buzzing with enthusiasm – and a really worthwhile and engaging afternoon for them.” 

“Thank you so much for talking at Sherborne Girls yesterday – the advice that you gave us was invaluable and I especially loved the use of your life ‘timeline’. The guidance that you gave us is already proving to be useful to me and we all found your use of props and anecdotes to be ingenious.”

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